How to set your Crossfade for AutoDJ

How to set your Crossfade for AutoDJ?

The crossfade option in Everest Cast allows you to set and adjust the fade time between tracks in the AutoDJ.

AutoDj Crossfade:

Step 1 :

Login into your Everest Cast account, using your username and password.

Step 2 :

From Main navigation section Click on Settings. Settings page should load. From “Crossfade mode” dropdown list select the desired option : “First fades out, next fades in” or “First fades out, next fades in”.
Finally click on “Save”.

Jingles Crossfade:

You can also adjust the crossfade time (and volume) for your Jingles. You will need to check the Mix box when you create or edit a jingle to view fade options.

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