How to Go Live without creating DJ Print

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How to Go Live without creating DJ?

Step 1:

Login in to Everest Cast panel using your username and password.

Step 2 :

From Main navigation section Click on "DJ" Now DJ Management page load. By default you see the one dj name “AutoDJ” and uncheck from Active Status. Now AutoDJ Popup page open and click on “Yes” button.

Step 3 :

From Main navigation section Click on "Widgets" and sub-menu “Quick Links”. Scroll down the Quick Links page and at the center of your page. From the "Live source connections" section get the Stream IP, Port and Broadcasting password from list.
From Main navigation section Click on "Home" and sub-menu “Main”. Scroll down the Main Home page and at the bottom of your page. From the Channel list get the Stream IP & port from clicking on “Admin” and Broadcasting password from list.

Step 4:

You can use the exact same broadcasting details in your encoding software. Each encoders software have different steps to start encoding follow their guide to start encoding.

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