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How to Schedule Playlists in Everest Cast?

Schedule is a way to make your playlists go on air at specific time of the day - is represents a calendar display of your “Events” where each event is a start of some playlist. You can view the event calendar by month, week or day.

After your account is just created (there will be a single event in the scheduler) it starts playing “All music” playlist, by default. Once started, this event will play this playlist in circles till some other event starts.

Click on “New event” button to add an event to the calendar, or you can click any hour slot on the calendar to select this time as a start time for your event.


Scheduler event details:

  • Name - this is a free text, where you can assign any name to your event that makes sense

  • Event type - events can happen once or repeat by the days of the week (“Repeating” event type). For an event that happens once you can set the start date and time only, for repeating event you set the time of the day and the days of the week that this event should fire

  • Start relay - set this checkbox if you want this event to relay some other online radio (you should create a new relay in ”Relays” section first) and you should also select desired relay in “Relay” dropdown that will show up if “Start relay” checkbox is checked.

  • Select playlist - use this dropdown to select the playlist you want to start. It is a complete list of your playlist from the “Playlists” section.

  • Playlist playback mode - can be “Circular” meaning that the playlist will play in circles till the next event in the scheduler, or “Play once from start to end” - in this mode the playlist will play once till all the tracks from this playlist will be completely played (in random or specified order). In the latter case you will also need to set the playlist that will play _after_ the playlist in this mode will finish playback (“When finished, start” option).

  • Interrupt the playing track - this option allows you to control the start of the playback, like if you want your playlist to start at 12:00 and some track has already started playing several seconds ago and did not finished yet - you can interrupt its playback and start exactly at 12:00 or wait till the end of the current track playback.

  • Play jingles/Play song requests - you can disable these options if you don’t want to interrupt your playlist by jingles or song requests insertions.

  • Color - by default repeating and once-playing playlist vary in colors, but you can also select any other color, this does not affect the playback in any case - it is for your convenience.

Click “Add event” at the bottom and you will see the a newly created event in the calendar.

To Delete an event you can click a “Trash” icon next to the event on the calendar, or edit it by clicking “Pencil” icon.


*Please note, that to create an ending event you should create corresponding new event that should start when the first event stops. This way a start of a new event is the end of the previous event in the scheduler.

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